Monday, April 14, 2008


Please join us for the opening of Tributaries Contemporary Gallery located in Central Lake, Michigan, about 3o minutes northeast of Traverse City. Representing working contemporary artists from the midwest.

Showing a wide range of mediums including: Mixed Media, Sculpture, Ceramics, Fine Jewelry, Paintings and Limited Edition Prints. Artist include: Jeff Krino, Kim Hergert, Scott Nelles, Jesse Riesmeyer, Andrew Krino, John Miller, Steve Toornman, Meredith Krell, Jesse DenHerder, and many more.

Tributaries prides themselves in quality and thought provoking artwork.

Grand Opening Reception
on April 26, 2008
from 4-7pm.

2134 South Main St. - Central Lake, MI
(one block south of downtown on M-88)
Light refreshments served.

About The Founder

Rachel Krino, 29, is currently a graphic designer with Northbound Publications & Graphics in Central Lake. Rachel is a trained videographer and photographer, who carries a Master of Arts degree in Media Management from Ohio University. Her thesis entitled, “Digitizing Grassroots: How to start a non-profit media arts center in rural America,” is aimed at bringing arts education to underserved populations.

She has been highly active with local arts programming and development over the last 5 years. Before moving to Michigan, she was the Director of Foothills School of American Crafts in Nelsonville, Ohio. There she coordinated all efforts of the non-profit organization to achieve its mission of “Economic development through quality arts education and marketing.” While at Foothills School, she facilitated the development of a two-year associates degree in American Craft Design and Marketing with Hocking College (

During her time in Nelsonville, she worked with local organizers to revitalize the downtown area through a collaborative arts initiative. The group created a monthly gallery walk called “Final Fridays” ( Other projects include the development of Majestic Galleries (a contemporary arts gallery), Athens Area Arts Alliance (board member), and Team Nelsonville (a community group designated by the Appalachian Regional Commission).

Rachel believes strongly in the arts as a way of educating and developing a community both culturally and economically. She hopes to bring her knowledge and enthusiasm through continued advocacy in northern Michigan.

Jeff Krino's Artist Statement

My work is a combination of acrylic and enamel paints, spray paint, and found objects. The assembled sculptures are born through the integration of these materials with one another onto a wood panel. I utilize bone, rubber, wood, sinew, and various types of metal. All of the objects are recycled.

I aim to reveal the unseen beauty within these otherwise everyday objects, and to bring to attention the undeniable human impact on our natural surroundings. I question what is natural.

Each piece is an attempt to answer this, and in the end, becomes anything but natural. This work is a fabrication of my surrounding environment. It is an illusion that visually redefines an animal bone, a slab of rubber, or an old rusty piece of metal. It is an ode to all objects.

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