Friday, October 17, 2008

so sweet...

Sweet Dreams is world class specialty bakery headquartered in Colma, California headed by Executive Pastry Chef, Rebecca Lugtu. Last year Rebecca contacted me about the opportunity to help re-brand her company. I was so honored, especially considering all the amazing west coast studios that were right at her fingertips!
So after a few phone calls and emails we embarked on a remote working relationship. Rebecca's amazing work ethic and creative input made this a dream project. The outcome was a new clean identity that reflected Sweet Dream's mission to create memorable, delicious, and stylish desserts.

Not only is Rebecca a talented business woman, she's devoted to the social issues effecting her community in greater San Francisco. Sweet Dreams has volunteered and donated to many local non-profits including homeless shelters school fundraisers and various healthcare foundations to help service the sick and poor. Check out Sweet Dreams Shop.