Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Give a Dam :: Kenya, Africa 2009

Here's a sneak peak at humanitarian campaign for Building reservoir dams in Kenya and filming an action sports film to promote the cause. What an honor to be part of this.... along with Quiet Way will be raising money and awareness to the drought problem in Kenya. Every day young Kenyan people (mostly female) have to travel up to 10 miles each way to retrieve water for cooking and drinking. (Which is where the silhouette of the Kenyan women with the water jug on her head become so recognizable.) QW is working to build dams that would take water from the streams a create a reservoir in the dry season to eliminate the need for leaving children behind most of the time unattended for hours to fetch more water, not to mention the sickness and exhaustion experienced by these women during the trek. These reservoirs would keep fresh water during the drought season to make life for Kenyans healthier, more convenient, and most importantly eliminate the need for leaving children unattended unnecessarily. The quality of the water in our dam's will be 200 times more sanitary as well.
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