Thursday, February 24, 2011

Socially responsible toys designed by you...

My two young boys love heirloom toys and puzzles… Finding open-ended educational toys that nurture their creativity is important to us as young parents. Over the past year I have had the pleasure of working with Barbera Aimes, founder and president of ImagiPLAY Toys of Boulder, CO. ImagiPLAY was first in the toy industry to launch an eco-friendly line. Her mission was to create a company that would inspire children's imaginations while staying socially responsible in all aspects of the business...

Once in awhile a company will come up with a great idea that brings together strong entrepreneurial vision, social responsibility and product innovation all wrapped up in well defined business model. For a great idea to take shape it usually needs to consist of a team who's whole is greater than the sum of all their talents. The leader of this team will see all of the players as key contributors not just dispensable employees. ImagiPLAY is a progressive company that is about to put product design and creation back into the hands of the consumers themselves.
Imagiplay believes in the power of parents, grandparents, student, old and young using their creativity to help children develop (not just the toy executives in a board room).... so keep your eyes peeled for the launch of their new progressive community.

About ImagiPLAY
ImagiPLAY products have been recognized by the media, children’s advocacy groups, and parents’ organizations for their outstanding quality, design and ability to inspire imagination. It has received awards from Parenting Magazine, Creative Child Magazine, Dr. Toy, Parents’ Choice Foundation and many other well-respected groups. But most importantly, ImagiPLAY’s products have helped thousands of children worldwide to discover themselves and their world as they navigate the waters of the human Age of Exploration.
So allow us to inspire YOUR creativity and we’ll produce YOUR toys!

For more info more info on the upcoming launch, check out:
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