Monday, July 19, 2010

DHD in Novum Magazine

The July issue of Novum Magazine arrived this week and there is a 4 page showroom of DHD! I'm so honored to have my work in this incredible publication. A big thanks to Lanny Sommese and Betina Schultz for making it happen. Novum has been winning awards in Europe for it's beautiful print production techniques for years... get your hands on an issue, it's a true work of art. You can also download archives at

Download a pdf of the full DHD article here.

The History of Novum

We would like to invite you to take a jouney through time. Into an era when toasters, steam irons, electric shavers and sellotape had not yet been invited. There were no antibiotics , no quartz watches, no autobahns and no biros. That year was 1924, and Germany still had not a single traffic light (that came later, in 1926 in Berlin). It was the year of the first flight around the world – even though it was in 57 stages! And it was the year Gebrauchsgrafik was founded, the year today's novum World of Graphic Design was born.

Eighty five years are for novum much more than a long period of ups and downs, they are eightyfive years of outstanding design services and life stories. A look into the novum archive reveals a broad swathe of contemporary and design history, a collection of well researched articles on people who have had a common goal – to design their invironment, to give it form, to shape the zeitgeist, and thus perhaps to make their mark on history.

-Novum Magazine